10 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage- Parts One and Two

Here’s a great blog by Perry Noble of Newspring Church in South Carolina as he approached 10 years of marriage.  In my 3 month old marriage- I find this to be of incredible insight and value.  Its amazing how easy it is to get off track with some of these and just how intentional you have to be to keep these things happening.  But what I’ve also seen is that the more intentional you are, the easier it is to do.  Be sure to check out his blog regularly at http://www.perrynoble.com

For the full Blog, check out Part One at  http://bit.ly/dowWIh and Part Two at  http://bit.ly/brC9SF  ::

#1 – Never “Talk Yourself Into Marrying A Person!”  You had better KNOW!

#2 – Marriage Is Not About What You Can Get…It’s About What You Can Give!

#3 – To Expect Another Person To Meet All Of Your Needs Is Incredibly Selfish!

#4 – Have Fun Together!

#5 – “Quality Time” Does Not Mean “Let’s Have A Conversation During The Commercials!”

#6 – The Purpose Of Conflict Is To SETTLE The Argument…Not Win It!

#7 – Don’t Ever Go To Bed Mad At One Another!

#8 – You Cannot Hold Your Spouse Accountable For Unspoken, Unrealistic Expectations!

#9 – Intimacy Is Not Limited To A Sexual Experience!

#10 – It Takes Work To Make It Work!

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