Bellacino’s: Restaurant Review

Hooked it up at Bellacino’s yesterday for lunch- and all I can say- really great place.  Loved it!  They feature Grinders and ‘zza, and we tried both- very good! When the Chicago Steak Grinder we ordered came- it didn’t look juicy or amazing- but believe me- in the words of Ned Flanders- it was scrumdiddlyumptious.

The Pizza which was house made was my personal favorite.  Great crust with toppings that went almost all the way to the edge, leaving just enough room for your fingers to handle the yummy goodness.  The sauce was not overly spicey, the topping were plenty, and the 100% real cheese was certainly not skimped on.  Top it off with a fun Square Cut, which always makes pizza eating more fun.  If I owned a pizza restaurant, this is what I would want my pizzas to be.

And with pricing that won’t kill your pocket- it makes this italian diner thing a place that should be on your list of restaurants to frequent.  Check ’em out in Brannon Crossing near Panera.

    • denise
    • May 7th, 2012

    Dear Brent, Your experience was better than mine. I had coupon from the coupon books they sell for school fundraisers. The new owners refused to accept it! I say find another pizza spot that isn’t run by greedy people who commit fraud! They are losing so much business, they won’t be here long.

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