10 Things I’ve Learned About Dating- The Summary

So that was probably one of the longest blogs in the history of mankind.  It was way longer than I expected.  In retrospect, I probably should have given each item its fair due, and spared you the reader, and just sent them out one at a time.  I wonder beneficial it really was.  I am a little shocked and floored at the number of you who actually read it, and there was a noticable drop in readership with each posting.  So I thought it might behoove us to take a summary trip through the 10 Things I’ve Learned About Dating, and just list the 10 Things so they can be seen all together.  I’ll forgo the explanation here- if you’d like to see it, please check out the original postings:

Part One :: http://bit.ly/dowWIh   Part Two :: http://bit.ly/brC9SF

Part Three :: http://bit.ly/d5tBhq  Part Four :: http://bit.ly/bPTj8I

But here they are:

0) Being the Leader in the relationship is a lot more than just being the guardian of purity in the relationship

1) It’s YOUR job to pursue her.

2) Be incredibly open and clear about where you are in the relationship.

3) Even if you know where you are, make it ok for her to not be there just yet.

4) It’s your job to establish the parameters for the relationship.

5) Don’t dive in too far too fast.

6) She ain’t your wife yet, son!

7) Date in community.

8) Remember your first love, and don’t become hers.

9) Temptation is ok- in fact, it’s a good thing.

10) Have one eye on the future, but everything else in the present.

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