Restaurant Review :: El Rancho Tapatio

OK- so I have a new favorite Mexican restaurant, and its name is El Rancho Tapatio.  At first glance- you’d never know this place was even open for business.  At a longer glare- you might really rethink eating here.  Approaching it, its in a run down shopping center where you’re not really sure if anything in that place is open, but something must be, cause they’re cars in the parking lot.  Located right behind Taco Bell on Nicholasville Road, you’ve probably only ever been in the circle it sits in to turn around.  And don’t forget the mirrored windows.  Feel free to stop by, do your hair, check your figure, make funny faces- but be careful- on the other side of that shiny reflective surface, people are watching you.

Once in, it’s a simple mexican restaurant.  Ultimately, what makes this place is the food- its great food.  Order whatever you want off the menu- its fresh, its homemade, its good.  And very reasonably priced.  And, if you plan your trip for a Friday night- you’ll be treated to live mariachi’s…you know, the guys on the hot sauce bottles.  So grab a friend, head over.  Brave the rough exterior, its well worth the trip.

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