…My Marriage is on the Brink

The date was February 5th, 2010, and I will never forget it.  Johnny Tsang and the Fused band riffing out Something Beautiful by Needtobreathe while I watched as my bride walked down the aisle towards me.  I’ll never forget that feeling.  I was knocked back off my feet- I simply couldn’t believe that I was getting ready to marry my favorite person of all time.  And it was in that moment that I made a decision: I would do whatever it took to not just make this marriage work, but to make it a great marriage.

So since then, I’ve been pouring through as many talks on marriage as I could find.  Turns out, Quest has a lot of them.  And so do other churches.  And today I want to share with you one of my all time favorites.  It’s from a series we did a year and half ago called “So You Really Wanna Know?…My marriage is on the brink.”

So how about your marriage?  Is it on the brink?  The brink of divorce? The brink of separation?  How about the brink of something great?  On the brink of hope?  On the brink of forgiveness?  What if your marriage was on the brink of the best days it’s ever known?  What if….?

This is one of the most practical messages I’ve ever heard on marriage.  There is no other relationship on the planet that can build a person up or tear a person down as much as marriage.  Pete gives great handles and action steps for both husbands and wives.  To sum up:


1) Choose your wife all over again.  She has to know that you pick her. How- make sure you tell her in ways she will understand.  Never stop dating her.  And I go on Public record- Penny Mulberry- I choose you today!  I will choose you tomorrow and everyday after that.

2) Bring out the Best in her.  What are you doing to help your wife soar?  Are you her #1 cheerleader when she’s doing things that make her thrive?


1) Make him your knight in shining armor – your man MUST know that you respect, honor, and admire him- and sometimes he needs to know it in front of other people.

2) Meet the need that ONLY YOU can meet. His heart and confidence as a person are inextricably connected to your sex life.  The Handles here : Become the initiator.  Nag less, have wild sex more.  Just being willing when he wants it is NOT enough.

Check out the whole talk at http://www.questcommunity.net/audio/11022008.mp3 or grab the video from http://www.questcommunity.com/media/weekend-series.

Husbands/Wives- you can do this.  For each other, you can this.  You can make it happen.  I firmly believe that marriages everywhere are on the brink.

  1. Go on the next marriage retreat available! Dave and I went and it was excellent! I learned things that I had absolutely no idea about. “…each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband.” Eph 5:33. Changed everything.

  1. August 24th, 2010

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