Movie Review :: Iron Man 2

One of the most anticipated sequels of the summer, Iron Man 2 has taken the world by storm- at least that’s what the box office numbers tell us.  But how does it stack up as a movie?  As a date movie?  Well, I’d say pretty good.  There was definitely something for everyone in this movie.  There were enough explosions and tattoos to satisfy even the most manly of men.

Mickey Rourke turned in a stellar performance as a p.o.’ed Russian with a legitimate gripe.  And Robert Downey Jr’s smart a$$ antics and personal struggles as Tony  Stark made him a character that you were pulling for and hated at the same time.  Then add in a surprise introduction of Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, director of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Captain America Shield, and Thor’s Hammer, and Iron Man 3 is looking like it could be hot- as well as at least 4 upcoming movies from the Marvel Universe.  Round it out on the softer side with Scarlet Johanson as the not-to-be-trifled-with Natasha Romanoff, and we got a winner.

Bring it back to content though- this was a very well done movie and it proved that comic book movie sequel’s don’t have to suck.  Sure, typically the first movie, the origin story, does well.  They tend to be pretty compelling (unless we’re talking about the let down of Wolverine last summer), but where do they go after the hero has accepted his/her role as the new force in town?  It’s a movie- so it can’t carry on and on and on as comic books or TV shows do with freak of the week and years to tell a story.  So what happens, the hero usually begins to question whether or not he really wants to be this hero (a la Spidey).  Add in the introduction of the customary to villains, and that story line tends to not go so well

But that’s NOT what we’re given in Iron Man 2.  I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but we do see Tony Stark questioning his longevity as Iron Man, but not for the typical it-keeps-me-away-from-the-people-I-love motif.  Its something else altogether.  And quickly the movie is about him going through the steps of dealing with his new reality.  Thus- we are drawn to him, he is our hero.  But he makes some pretty bad choices, and we want to slap the taste out his mouth for it.  But we love seeing him come around, conquer his demons, and then kick some bad-guy tail.

So what makes Iron Man 2 a great movie is what makes all great movies…well, great.  It’s story and its characters.   It’s the gadgets and the flying robots that make this movie cool.  So if you haven’t seen it, get a date, round-up a bunch of friends, and head to the theater.

PS- As if I really have to tell you this by now- wait through the credits.  Don’t miss the hidden scene.

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