8 Things I “Know” About Lost

So here we go,  8 Things that I Know About Lost- these are things they told us in the series that we can deduce are true and just have been a theory:

1) Jacob lived on the island for around 2000 years, give or take a couple of centuries.

His pregnant mother washed up on the island speaking Latin.  Which places them around the time of Rome, which was 330 BC to 330 AD.

2) The Man in Black/Smoke Monster was NOT Jacob’s brother.

Jacob killed his brother and sent his brother’s body into the cave.  The smoke monster emerged and took the form of the dead brother.  We know from John Locke that the smoke monster, when he takes the form of some one, carries their memories and knowledge.  But when we see Jacob talking to the Man in Black at the beginning of the Season 5 Finale, that is no more Jacob’s brother than Smoke Monster/John Locke was really John Locke.

3) The Island is much older than Jacob

By looking the ruins and the architecture, we know that the island dates at least to ancient Egypt.  The temple, the Statue of Tawaret, and the heiroglyphs all over the place are all Egyptian.

4) Jack died from the knife wound

Jack didn’t die from being exposed to all this electromagnetism or being down in that well- he died from the knife wound given to him by John Locke.  That knife went straight into this kidneys and liver and that’s what he was stumbling from and eventually fell over from.  I’m not sure why he thought he was sacrificing himself.  But remember, he reappeared out of the cave fully alive, although still injured from the knife wound.

5) Nothing would have happened to Jacob or his Brother if they went into the light cave.

We saw from when Jack and Desmond were in the cave that it was simply a cave.  What Mother was trying to prevent was them “uncorking” the evil.

6) It was always Hurley who was going to end up the protector of the island.

It was Hurley that could see and talk to dead people.  It was Hurley that Jacob appeared too, even way back in season 3 or 4.  It was Hurley who was associated with the numbers of the island, Jack just did what he had to do to save the island.  And Hurley was certainly the innocent one.  It was always Hurley.

7) This island and Mythology is not based on anything we have in our histories- it’s entirely new.

I’d really love for people to stop talking about the MIB being named Esau or the island being purgatory or light being heaven or the smoke monster being Cerebrus.  The creators of Lost were not trying to take some ancient Earth mythology and put a new twist on it (though don’t we love it when storytellers do that).  They simply created their own thing.  This is why they were in a Universalist church.  We see the window behind jack with the symbols of all the world’s big faiths.  Christian just describes it as “moving on”, not going to heaven or whatever.

8) The Others really were the good guys

All throughout the series, anytime someone would ask the Others who they were, they would always respond with, “We’re the good guys.”  Now, they have been rude, curt, and used strange tactics, AND been led by a maniacal leader in Ben Linus, but they were the good guys.  They were teamed up with Jacob, who was good.  Jacob’s job was to protect the island.  The Others were ok with the Dharma Initiative and the Oceanic 815 survivors being on the island- until they started to hurt the island or get too close.  But it all came from a sense of protecting the island- doing what Jacob wanted.

Now, I still have theories and questions, like everyone else- like-Theory :: the others are the descendants of the people who crashed with Jacob and MIB’s mom.  Question :: but how did they come under Jacob’s leadership?  But these 8 things I’m fairly certain are true.

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