Movie Review :: 9

Can I just say that I am a big fan of Tim Burton.  This is a guy that gets it.  A movie is medium for story telling.  The art of filmmaking varies with style, and Tim Burton certainly has his own distinct style, but I can’t outright recall a movie that isn’t a great story told in a great way- with a lot flare.

I am also a fan of movies by guys who are fresh out of film school.  Especially when established producers get a hold of the person and let them do their thing.  This is exactly what’s happened here.  Shane Acker made a short film for school, it made the rounds, found its way to Tim Burton who took the project on, expanding the short film, adding voices, expanding the world that the characters found themselves in, and out comes what we now know as 9.

It’s a very fun tale of a post-apocalyptic world, where humans have all died out, and one human has given life to nine dolls.  The story follows the last doll, 9, from the time when he “wakes” all the way through when he discovers his purpose.  As per policy of, we’re not looking to give away too many spoilers, but the film winds around introducing us to the other 8 dolls and how they make their way through their world.  One of them is clinging to a dark secret while try to stay alive and find out what the heck is really going on.

This is such a fun movie, if your missed in the theater, you really should keep an eye out for a time when it might come back to an art theater near you (i.e, The Kentucky Theater) because it really is something you want to see on the big screen.  But until then, grab the DVD from your local Redbox or Blockbuster, add it to your Netflix cue, and curl up on the couch.  It’s a Great Date.

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