Venue Review :: Regal Cinemas in Hamburg

The second law of Thermodynmaics states that things go from good to bad.  They go from order to disorder.  We’ve all seen it.  How long before your once shiny new car is now a frustrating P.O.S.?  Ever want to throw your incredibly slow, virus ridden 6 month old computer off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater?  And when you live in a place long enough, you are around to see the bright shiny new establishments come and eventually go.

For me, I can mark that in movie theaters.  Does anyone remember when the theaters at Lexington Green were the hot new theaters in town?  It was cushy and plush- a great date spot.  Then came Woodhill- the first Stadium Seating in Lexington.  Remember how much of a big deal that was?  It boasted an incredible 10 theaters.  And a few years later came the first mega-plex.  It was situated right in the middle of the swanky new part of town- a place we call Hamburg. It was Regal Cinemas.  16 screens.  Video menu boards at the concessions.  And the highest ticket price in town- but we didn’t care- it was that nice.

Of course, since then, we now have the Brannon Crossing theaters and new ones at Fayette Mall.  But Regal, for me, always seemed to maintain a sort of, well, Regal quality.  While not at new, still a very respectable theater and a great date spot.  That was until this week, when I chose that theater to take Penny to see the A-Team.  I’m sorry to say that I must now declare Regal in Hamburg to have gone the way of Lexington Green and Woodhill.  And there’s one thing that has made it that way in my mind- the seats.

There’s a big problem when the seats are so uncomfortable that it takes away from the enjoyment of the movie.  Honestly, it makes me never want to go back again.  It just wasn’t comfortable.   Honestly, everything else seems to still be great about the theater.  Its just the seats.  So to whoever is in charge of Regal in Hamburg- I have 3 suggestions to making your theater worth going to again.

1) Install seats that both recline and have the arm come up and down.  I remember there being a big to-do when they came to town about whether they would have seats that reclined or seats where the arm rests go up and down.  That was actually the choice they had to make.  Fortunately, newer theaters don’t have to make that choice.  Unfortunately for Regal, we have been spoiled by the seats that do both and now what they have at Regal is simply unacceptable.  For comfort and for that special date when you want to get a little closer to your girl…you want both.

2) Put pads over the screws and the underpart of the armrests.  Basically, in doing so, you’re allowing for people on a date to cuddle close together and not have a set of screws sticking in their sides.  Really, how distracting to a movie is it when you have 4 screws pressing into your right butt cheek?

3) Get seats with enough room to put your feet on the armrests in front of you.  I know that you probably hate it when people put their feet up, but relax, we’re going to do it anyway.  Its just more comfortable.  So make it so that we aren’t destroying the whole chair and accomodate for it.  The craziness you have right now is part of what’s making you lose my business.

I firmly believe that Regal can become a Great Date Spot once again and not die- but in order to do so, changes should be made.

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