The Silver Cue Billiards Bar

On a fun date night as summer approached we headed out on an adventure to find some great night life.

The side of town we were on is often a harsh reality of the two different side’s of Lexington especially as we are Aussies’ and anywhere that isn’t on our normal route to and from home can be somewhat over whelming, but we pushed through and discovered a great place! Silver Cue!

Showed up and forgot my I.D. Would have been OK if there hadn’t been so many GIANT signs saying “HAVE I.D. READY”. Dang! Oh, wait, old license  in the car. Alright we’re in.

Bartender/owner was lovely. Had a mustache too. I think…I was a little distracted by the billions of billiard tables (OK, maybe 25). The tables were calling my name, in a strange foreign accent, and the sound of clacking balls and chalk on cues created a cacophony of music!

Then again, it’s just a “pool hall”. But then again, again, we’re a musical couple and any type of date where there’s a possibility of music being present  has the draw of honey to a bee. Are bees attracted to honey?

Anyway, our courageous spirit started us off with a race to the back table away from  anyone else, we’d taken the $8  an hour bargain for table hire, picked up our billiard balls and accessories and were ready with drinks ordered to begin the 5 games in an hour challenge!

That is of course after we find the triangle. Thanks to the great spanish speaking guys who laughed as they pointed out the triangle hanging from a lighting fixture above my head. Tip to the wise…look up.

A lovely lady came and served us. She was quick, but it was a slow night (which I’m assuming a Monday would be). Another great tip, this place is probably better for a week night date than a weekend, if you don’t wanna be swamped.

We could have ordered from the menu, which had some great looking food (remember, this place is really a hole in the wall style, alluded to by the chilled atmosphere and the photos of dishes laminated into the menus). Would have, but we were there for business.

The business of kicking one another’s butts with our awesome ninja reflexes and billiards skills! Unfortunately for Jamie, Anyerin’s nimble fingers and superior accuracy were no match for her ninja techniques. Anyerin 4, Jamie 1.

All in all, we were only there for an hour, and wanted to be there for 3. Cheap drinks and great service. I think we payed $13 for the game and 2 alcoholic drinks.

Definitely going back again! If only to see who will win this time!! Check it out soon! Great for Summer for sure

Silver Cue Billiards Bar.

694 East New Circle Road
Lexington, KY 40505-4513
(859) 252-4821

Before leaving home you will need these things:

1. Your date!

2. ID

3. Money of some sort

4. A competitive spirit

Thanks to Anyerin and Jamie Lea Drury for guest blogging for  Be sure to check out Jamie Lea’s Blog at

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