Top 5 Bachelor Party Pranks

Twitter has been used for all kinds of purposes.  Personal micro blogging, business promotions, communicating ideas to friends, telling jokes…and for the followers of @newlywedsontjob, the absolute best prank ever.  As I understand the story, there were a couple of friends who were notorious for pulling some great Bachelor Party pranks on their friends as they get married.  So when it came time for one of the two to get married himself, he made the other promise no pranks before the wedding.  His friend agreed.  However, after the wedding, while the couple was on their honeymoon, he snuck into their house and wired up their bed so that everytime they got down to business, it would send out a tweet, duration, and even a frenzy level.  Imagine the surprise of the pranker when it turned out that the couple got pregnant soon after getting married and thus, we have the world’s first Twitter Baby, thus sealing his identity forever (his friend would apparently beat the shi* of him if he ever found out).

That same Anonymous Best Man has ranked his list of Top 30 Bachelor Party pranks.  Here, I present to you my list of the Top 5 Bachelor Party pranks:

5.  Monkey Business

Coax your plucky pal into a full-sized gorilla outfit, gaffering his mouth and the seams, and leave him be in the middle of town, unable to communicate outside of a genuine monkey-style fashion.

Pro – He will befriend many children.

Con – Getting him in there! “Paul, come here for a second, step into this ape suit?”

4. Break a Leg

When the night inevitably climaxes with the groom passed out, budding medical students (or indeed, a real one if on hand!), can plaster up his leg and create an elaborate backstory of how it came to be broken.

Pro – His face of panic when he realises what’s happened.

Con – His face when he actually stands up and uses his working legs to chase you.

3. Paintball Dress Up

Paintball! This popular activity is the rawest of sports, getting us back to our primitive nature as mere hunting men. So dress the Groom up as a rabbit or a duck, take aim, and fire.

Pro – Difficult for a groom to escape in a furry suit.

Con – Potential to accidentally shoot a real rabbit. Especially a massive one. Dry cleaning bill for giant duck costume is gonna cost you.

2. The ‘Mankini’

Popularized by Kazakhstan’s #1 export Borat, this less than subtle piece of beach wear has become increasingly popular.  Making him wear it all night long, especially if its a cold night, could be a chore though.

Pro – “Haha, I can nearly see his piece!”

Con – “Oh dear, I can nearly see his piece!”

1. Future-Wife-Along

Plan something that could be quite incriminating, then convince the bachelor that his dearest beloved will be accompanying you along on the trip, perhaps having her even make an inappropriate appearance if she’s cool with it and you’re near home.  Just don’t let her enjoy it enough to want to stay.

Pro – It’s reassuring for her.

Con – Even as a bachelor party prank – massively unnerving.

So those  are my favorites.  Check out his full list of Bachelor Party Pranks at and perhaps you’ll see why his friend was so insistent of no pranks.  His fail was that he specified “before the wedding.”

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing. I like the paintball dress-up.

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