Movie Review :: Salt

SPOILER WARNING:: This post will contain some key plot points as to what the movie is about, but I promise, I won’t give any of the movie’s big secrets away.

Who is Salt? Angelina Jolie is Salt.  But I think a better question would be, “What is Salt?”  Before you go quoting me minerals and elements from the periodic table, I will tell you that Salt is Jolie’s character’s name in her new action movie.  What is this character all about?  That is really what this movie is about.  Salt is a CIA agent accused of being a sleeper Russian spy.  But is she?  Could she be?  Maybe.  But maybe not.  Is she an American patriot posing as a Russian Spy?  Is she a Russian Spy that has defected in her heart? We don’t know.  But what we do know is that she certainly has all the training necessary to fill a 2 hour movie with a cat and mouse game of her almost getting caught time and again, but narrowly escaping, only to show she was really in control the whole time.

At the end of the day, this movie, which I saw with a bunch of my guy friends, was just a fun movie to watch.  Full of lots of action, and I’ll give it extra points because it wasn’t until I got home and started thinking about it did I realize that there wasn’t any nudity or even that much cussing (actually, no cussing if I remember right).  You know, those things that typically accompany guy movies.  But it’s not just a guy movie, because I think girls would enjoy this just as much.   There are certainly those touching moments where you wonder if she really has any concern for the safety and well-being of her husband.  And who has him?  The Russians?  The CIA?  The Americans?  Is he really a Russian Spy?  Or maybe even a German Spy?

If there was one thing that I could criticize this movie on it’s that we never really knew what Salt’s motives were for doing what she was doing.  Not in a sense that we were led to believe one thing and then showed another, and then another.  But rather that she just went out and did what she did and I had no clue why the entire time.  But honestly, I really didn’t care.  The movie was just that much fun to watch.  Could there be a sequel in the works?  Possibly, I suppose it depends on how well it does at the box office.  They definitely left it open.  However, my advice to the studio and producers :: Make this movie become a TV series.  I think it would work way better that way.  There are a lot of story lines you can get from this character.  Even if it means recasting the actress.  But I would caution you.  Start out with an end in mind and move toward that end.  Maybe a 4 or 5 season show.  After that, it would start to lose itself.

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