7 Day Marriage Challenge

The more I enter into the blogosphere, the more I find interesting blogs.  One of my new favorite blogs is themarryblogger.com.  It’s one I highly recommend to newly married couples.

I am also a fan of challenges, especially as it pertains to enhancing my own new marriage.  A while back, I advocated and posted for the 7 Days of Sex Challenge.  How’d you do with it?  Did you actually go for it and think it was possible or did you simply dismiss it as some dude’s fantasy cause its really just not practical for you or your marriage?  (Which btw, I think is complete and total B.S.  If you and your spouse didn’t do it, go for it.  It’s not too late.)

Well, as it turns out, themarryblogger.com has issued its own Marriage Challenge.  While theirs was for 30 days, I’m going to issue the same challenge for 7 Days.  I think it’s a brilliant idea and is guarenteed to enhance your marriage (no worries to anyone I may have pissed off in the last paragraph, this one actually has nothing to do with sex).  And here’s the cool readers- we’re going to do this together.  So here are the details ::


Spend the next 30 days, watching your spouse, noticing when they pick up their shoes (instead of leaving them out), feed the dog (without you asking them to do it), take out the trash — ANYTHING — and then say something positive about it, build them up.

Surely your husband or wife does at least one positive thing a day.. focus on that.

We’ll start on Friday, August 6, 2010 and go 7 Days- focusing on something positive about what our spouses do.  We’ll watch each other, looking for any opportunity to speak words of encouragement to one another- noticing when they do something that is selfless.

Come one people, we can do it.  For all my non-married readers- how about you join us.  Just notice others in your life who are doing selfless acts- then tell them about it, build others around you up.  Sure, you may get a few stares at work, but see what happens after a week.

So who’s with me?  Let’s Roll!!!

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