Let Talk About ______!

So what’s his favorite tv show?

What’s her favorite meal?

What’s his favorite thing about you?  Do you really know?

What are those things in bed that she might be ok with, but you need to ask her first?

We all know the biggest thing that any couple needs to work on is communication, right?  So how are you doing with communication in your relationships?  Well, the folks over at oneextraordinarymarriage.com have come to help.  They have posted a communication and discussion guide from ThePureBed.com designed exclusively for couples.  It has surface level questions that are fun to know such as “What is your favorite color?” all the way to the most intimate of questions.  Nevertheless, all things that a married couple should be discussing.  Not that I’m a marital counselor, but I would suggest this to be used in pre-marital counseling.  It’s pretty specific and really will force clarity on intimate expectations heading into a marriage.

Some of the material could seem a bit awkward to talk about, but it’d be a night well spent.  Here’s what to do:

  • Click HERE to get the guide from ThePureBed.com
  • Print out two copies.  One for you and one for your spouse.  Be sure to have plenty of paper and ink, it’s 21 pages.
  • Talk with your spouse about wanting to know him/her better.  Make sure they are up for the process of going through a guide.  Present them with the questionnaire and set a date to be finished by.  I’d recommend planning to review the guide on a date night.
  • One the night you both agreed upon, exchange discussion guides and go through them section by section.   You get to keep your partner’s guide.

Here are a few tips: Go slow through the guide.  Ask for clarity on places that you’re not sure about.  Ask for specific examples.  Assume the best of your spouse.  You really are for each other.  It will be tempting to try to give a reason for why things are the way they are.  Agree ahead of time that neither of you will judge, argue, defend, or dismiss what your partner is saying.  Accept that, for them, its reality.  Remember, often what you intend and what he/she will perceive are two different things.  Ask yourself, which one has more of an impact on your relationship?

So who’s in?  Leave a comment and let us know.  When you’ve gone through the guide, be sure to come back and let us know how it went!  Share this with your friends.

Go for it!  You really can do this!

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