Weekly Featured Date:: Danger Run

This week’s Featured Date is an all time favorite for Penny and I.  I’ve tried getting many friends to go, but honestly, until you go for yourself, its hard to understand just how much fun it is.

Here’s the basic jist of it.  It starts from any of the 3 Lowes hardware stores in Louisville.  The cost is around $15 per person- which is totally worth it.  For that, you get the clue book for the car, some free food coupons, some goodies, and if there’s 4 or more people in the car, some free gas.

Then, following the clue book, you weave and wind your way around Louisville (and other places) trying to tally the most correct mileage (down to the 1/10th of a mile.  If you win the “race” by getting the most accurate mileage, not by being the first to arrive, there’s lot of fun prizes.

What makes this so fun is that you follow the clues, Every one of them a limerick so says the rules.  On the verge of lost is what you’ll feel, a game like this will seem unreal, But you’ll have so much fun, it will cure your dating blues.

Included in the ticket price are tickets to 2 of Kentuckiana’s best Haunted House attractions, which alone is worth the price of admission.

Here’s what I really like about this as a DateNight activity.  It forces you to work together as a team.  And if you want to make this a double date with another couple, this is great thing to go for.

Be sure to check out their website, www.dangerrun.com, for more information, helpful tips, and even a take a Test Drive of the game.  And if you get to go, please come back and leave a comment for us.

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