How to Turn Your Average Date into an Adventure

Does anyone else remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books?  Sure you do!  If you don’t, head to the library, pick one up, and you’ll see why they were so popular.  Just a ton of fun and they allowed you some room and flexibility and to be part of the story, thereby turning an everyday, average story into something so much more!.  So what does this have to do with dating?  Plenty.

Have you ever been frustrated at the lack of options for dates in and around your town?  Do you find yourself always going to the same 2 or 3 restaurants, going to the same 2 or three venues for an activity.  Do you find yourself getting, well….bored?  Sure you do.

That’s very much how I generally feel about Lexington these days.  I am quite aware that there actually is plenty going on to keep things fresh, but it can be hard to find sometimes.  And sometimes, you really do want just a normal Dinner and a Movie type of date.  That’s exactly where Penny and I were this past week.

We had to be up early on Saturday and she was rather exhausted from the week, so we agreed on a simple, close to home, get in bed early kind of DateNight.  But as I sat down to think through exactly what we would be doing, I had a lot of options.  What restaurants would we go to?  There’s one or two new ones we hadn’t tried, then there were the tried and true.  Then what about an activity?  Just a movie?  There wasn’t anything playing this past weekend that we were super excited about.  How about the comedy club?  Also been there a ton, but they can have some uncomfortable seating.  We could just come home and rent a movie and chill there.  Or would she feel like heading downtown for the Spotlight Lexington Festivals even though there was bound to be a ton of people (not exactly ideal for a “quiet” evening).

I just couldn’t decide.  There were so many options.  And what she would feel up to was really up to how work went for her that day and how she was feeling.  HOW DO YOU PLAN FOR THAT?

Then…inspiration struck…What if she were the one to actually choose?   Now, I know she hates making decisions and its my job to plan DateNights, but how could I if I didn’t know what kind of mood she’d be in?  Could a hybrid of the two exist?  Of course it can.  Remember the books?  What I were to take a jump off of that for what we are going to do.  It still takes planning, but it can be flexible and work within the situation.  Plus you earn some major creativity points.  We would have a Choose Your Own Adventure: DateNight Edition!

Here’s what it looked like.  I sat down at the computer and thought through the different elements of a date.  Food, activity, chill time, end of the night.  Then I came up with two options for each category.  And I began to write her a letter.  The first one was the introduction, letting her know the rules, telling her to be ready for anything.  How should she dress, well, I don’t know, it depends on what we do.  We could be outside or inside.  At someplace nice or some place familiar.  We could even get wet.  So be ready for it all.  I gave her that note when I woke her up from her pre-date nap.

When she was ready, I handed her Chapter 2.  First on the agenda, food.  She got to pick between two restaurants, one familiar, one new.  After dinner, it was a movie or the comedy club.  After that, it was go home and chill or head to the hot tub.  After that, it was either stay up and chill with me or head to bed early.

Each step of the way was different and unique and we wound up having a lot of fun.

So there you go- Turn Your Average Date into an Adventure!

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