A Husband’s Power

Something that you guys may know about me is that I am one of the world’s worst readers.  I just don’t read very fast.  Little bit of Brent trivia- it took me 12 years to read the first Lord of the Rings book.  Sure, occasionally I’ll find the book that grabs my attention and I can’t put it down.  But usually, I’m good for about one chapter, then I start falling asleep while trying to read.

That said, something you may find surprising about me is that I love books.  I love bookstores.  I love collecting books.  I love buying books.  At any given time, I have 5 or 6 books on my “To-Read” list.  Now whether or not they stay on the “To-Read” list is a different matter altogether.  So in the midst of that, I usually will have 3 or 4 books I could be reading at the same time.  I’ll read several chapters out of this one book.  Then move to another book for a few chapters.  Then to another.  And back to the first book.  Then back to the third book.  Then the second book.  There is no real order to it.

Usually I try to keep at least one of those books a non-fiction, make yourself better kind of books.  And the current book I’m reading has had me on some rather unique pages (pardon the pun) that I never saw coming.  The book is “The Power of a Praying Husband” by Stormie Omartian.  It’s the

follow up to her very successful book “The Power of a Praying Wife.”  In “Husband,” she takes the read on a journey of specific prayers that a husband can and should be praying for his wife.  And the very first prayer is to pray for himself.  To pray for himself as her husband.  And she proceeds to talk about the fact that a husband has been given a very real authority in his wife’s life.   Specifically over her spiritual life.  A husband actually has authority in the spiritual realm over what’s going on with his wife.

It’s this specific thing that has had me thinking.  I don’t think I ever realized or comprehended before I got married that I would have authority in the spiritual realm over anything, especially that concerning other people.  But as I read the Bible, this seems exactly in accordance with its teachings.  That a husband really is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church.  And that has a lot of implications.

So what does it mean to be the head of my family.  To be the one entrusted with Spiritual Authority in my household.  What does that really like?  Could my prayers over my wife (and in the future my children) hold more some sort of God-Given supernatural power?  Could I really hold the keys to the gates that the enemy and his minions enter through to mess around in my wife’s life?  Does the Holy Spirit empower my prayers such that they cause the Host of Heaven to move in accordance with my prayers?

So how much authority and power does a pastor’s prayers have over those in his flock?  Why is it that we often seek the prayers of those in spiritual authority positions over us.  Isn’t there a more finite feeling of power and authority that comes when an elder is laying his hands on someone and prays over them?

So what about it.  Do I have that kind of power and authority in my wife’s life?  Or rather does a husband have that kind of power and authority in his wife’s life?  What kind of responsibilities come with that?  You know its coming- with great power comes great responsibility.

Well, I’m not entirely sure yet.  I’m still feeling it out and seeing what it happens.  But I can say that I am realizing that I do hold some sort of influence over the spiritual realm in Penny’s life.  To what extent, I don’t know.

So what do you think?  Thoughts?  Comments?  Other husbands- what have you seen to be true?

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