Weekly Featured Date :: Go for the Slam Dunk!!!

It was a beautiful day outside.  The sun was shining.  The breeze was lightly blowing by.  I had the windows in my house open, and I was scouring the internet trying to find something fun for Penny and I to do.  We had only been dating about a month and it was time to pull out all the stops in finding the best places to take her.  Then it hit me, why am I only looking in the Lexington area?  So I began to look in the Cincinnati and Louisville areas.  Both places were very much within in driving distance.

As I was searching (and it really wasn’t easy, you try Googling “Fun Dates in Louisville, KY” and see how many current links you can find.  Somewhere in the search, I saw a banner that read, “The most fun you’ve ever had in your car.”  Being a man, it immediately peaked my interest.  And there to the left was what is now the familiar Skull with tongue and car logo.  So I clicked on the banner to find out what it was about.  Little did I know that this would lead to one of the greatest dates ever and something that has become a tradition for Penny and I.

The banner took me to the site for a little thing called Danger Run.  I looked around, read some of the material they had and even took a “test drive” of the game.  (click here to try the test drive for yourself).  It looked fun an it was exactly what we would do, I decided as I thought, “Well, maybe the most fun in a different way.”  🙂

But more than all of that, I was immediately aware of something.  While we were still in the fledgling stages of our courtship, this would have the same effect for us that The Amazing Race has on other couples.  It was the kind of thing that could reveal a lot about ourselves to each other.  We would find out if we could actually work well together.  Could we be a team?  Or would we wind up yelling at each other, cutting each other down, and getting mad like many of the couples on the TV show that Penny and I would probably never get to go on?

As it turned out, we discovered that we actually do work together really well.  We support each other.  We make sure that we’re having fun and don’t get bent out of shape by the pressure.  Rather, the pressure unites us and brings us closer together.

So at this point, if you’ve been a reader of this blog for anything more than a few weeks, you may remember that Danger Run was a Weekly Featured Date a couple of weeks ago.  You might be wondering why I am revisiting this so soon.  Well, for two reasons: 1) The Weekly Featured Date is not always what Penny and I are doing that particular weekend, though sometimes it is.  2) This date night is not so much about Danger Run as it is about conquering competition together.

This weekend, Penny and I will return to Danger Run for the second time this year.  When we went the first time, we almost made it all the way through without messing up.  Although it caught us at the end and screwed our mileage all to Hell.  This time we are going back with the team, putting our game faces on…and going for the win this time!  Now we’ll still have fun.  We’ll still work together.  And we’re even bringing other people with us to join in the fun.  And we’ll try a different course this time so it’s not exactly the same one we did last time.  But we will scrutinize every clue.  And we will win!  We are going for the Slam Dunk!

So here is your Weekly Featured Date :: What’s something that you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend have done before in the past that required you to be on the same team that you didn’t win at…Go for it again!  And go for the Slam Dunk!  Go for the win!  Nothing quite feels like winning.  So go for it.  And if you’re anywhere within a few hours drive of Louisville, hit up Danger Run!  It really is the most fun you’ve ever had in your car…well…you know what I mean.  🙂

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