6 Great Marriage Blogs

Since delving into the world of blogging, as it happens I’m blogging about being a newlywed and all the things I’m learning, I have made some friends and have been around the marriage blog community. I wanted to share with you my top 6 favorite marriage blogs that I think you should be reading. (These are in no particular order)

1) The Marry Blogger – The blogs here tend to be short and simple, but always poignant. Be sure to spend some time, poke around, and check out the back catalogue of posts on here. There’s some really great stuff with a lot of really great advice. Follow them on twitter at @themarryblogger

2) One Extraordinary Marriage – Tony and Alisa DiLorenzo have sort of become mentors for me. Their blog is mostly some resources, some info about them, and the links to their podcasts. The podcasts are worth a listen, but don’t be overwhelmed by the need to go back and listen to them all, just start with the current ones and as you can, listen to the ones you really want to. What I love about these guys most- they are always calling people up with a challenge. Follow them on twitter at @oneonfire

3) Engaged Marriage – When you think of a total package kind of blog having to do with marriage, this is it. They talk about pretty much every topic, have a a fantastic site, and are the site that other marriage blogs should aspire to be. Follow them on twitter at @engagedmarriage

4)Intimacy in Marriage – Its a little odd to me that most of the marriage bloggers out there (at least the ones that I have come in contact with) are ran by men (or at least have a super active husband). This one however is written by a woman with a mission- Encouraging Christian Women Toward Healthy Sexual Intimacy- though I’m sure she’s just fine if you aren’t a christian and read her blog. I love getting to hear her take on things and how they should be. Follow her on twitter at @intimacy4life

5) Better Husbands and Fathers – So I tend to lean more toward the Better Husband side of this blog than the Better Fathers side, but Eric’s posts are always a great read. Plus he really champions husbands dating their wives- which I am a big fan of. He even wrote a guest post for GreatDateSpot (read it here: Dating 101 For Husbands). Follow him on twitter @betterhusbands

6) Marriage Confessions – Marriage Confessions was the first marriage blog I had ever read. This is also a fantastic website and has the feel of 3 or 4 different blogs rolled into one. The author’s husband even has his own blog on the site called “The Man Cave.” What sets this blog apart from the others is that its basically stories about what’s going on in their life as opposed lots of advice oriented posts. When you stop by, find her post on the birds and the bees- very funny. Follow Katie on twitter at @marriageconfess

  1. Thanks for the share ! I found the marriage blogger interesting !

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