Win a DateNight from


It’s’s very first giveaway and we’re giving away a GreatDate!

You can win 2 tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie on opening night, Friday November 19. (Click here to see the trailer)

I’ll already declare this movie a GreatDate.  This movie is the beginning of the end of what truly has been a generation defining series.  Sure, we had Lord of the Rings just a few years ago, and we are incredibly blessed to have had both in such a short period, but Lord of the Rings is an old story…Harry Potter has been something that was created and finished all in less than 20 years.

Normally I wouldn’t suggest a movie to be a date, but this is much more than a movie, its an event.  As such, we have secured 2 tickets to opening night…and you can win them!

All you have to do to enter is go to GreatDateSpot’s Facebook Page, suggest the page to all your friends, and leave a comment either on the page or this post that says, “I want to win a date to see Harry Potter and I invited ____ people to like on Facebook.” Be sure to fill in the blank with how many people you invited.

The winner will be picked Wednesday Afternoon.

Good luck and Happy Dating!

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