In 2008, I started dating way above my class.  So, of course, I had to impress her, right?  So I made it my mission to keep our dating life fresh and exciting by coming up with new dates and revisiting only the ones we really enjoyed.  But unfortunately, in the middle of Central Kentucky, the options are fairly limited.  So it was a challenge.  As I was talking with fellow daters, I realized we all had a common problem…coming up with new ideas.  There was nothing on the web to help facilitate this, so thus, GreatDateSpot.com was born.

However, as time went on, I realized this was not only a forum for talking about what to do and where to go around Central Kentucky, it was also great to talk about the lessons I was learning, spiritually and practically.  Then, in February 2010, I got the incredible privilege of marrying that girl I was dating.  And suddenly, I was passing on the wisdom of dating I had learned.  As it turned out, those posts generally garnered much more attention and feedback than anything having to do with where to go and what to do with dates.

So this blog then is about a journey.  Some of its in your face.  Some of its sweet.  But its all real.  If you find elements of faith here, don’t be surprised, it’s there underlying the whole thing.  In fact, most of what I am learning about marriage comes directly from what I’m learning about how my God wants to live and interact with me in this incredible relationship I share with him.

A few things you should know.  Here at GreatDateSpot.com, we believe in a few things:

1) Dating is a lot of fun and is for anyone, regardless of preference, religion, or marital status.

2) You don’t stop dating when you get married.  If anything, you date all the more.

3) The human relationship of marriage is a mirror reflection of the spiritual relationship people can share with God.

4) Sex is designed to be great inside the guardrails of marriage.  As such, married people should be having the hottest, most toe-curling sex of anyone.

5) The lessons we learn don’t have to be our own.  Our posts are always open and authentic, but not always necessarily about the authors  We learn from one another.

So enjoy.  If you’re new to GreatDateSpot.com, feel free to peruse through the archives.  Comments and emails are always welcome.

Happy dating!

  1. Brent,

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    Let me know.



    • adrianabeer
    • January 16th, 2013

    I still believe in true love

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