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Thinking about Moving In? Read this First.

Recently, I’ve have several interactions with readers of this blog where they have been talking about moving in together.  While no one will get any kind of judgement from me and this blog.  What you choose to do is your business.  But for anyone considering it- I would whole heartedly beg them to reconsider until there’s been 2 rings and an I Do in between.  This has nothing to do with religion or moral values.  It’s simply that I have seen this happen many many times and almost every time it ends in heartache.  In fact, only once have I ever known a couple that lived together before marriage stay together.  Just once.  And I’ve known A LOT of couples who have done this.

I think it really has to do with the fact that both people are now acting and living in a state of commitment that neither person has really taken the step to commit to.  And what that does is place unspoken expectations on each other, and generally speaking, if everyone were being perfectly honest- this is just a mechanism for protecting your heart from getting hurt- which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you want to be doing in a relationship. So my advice- Don’t Do It!

To that end, I found this neat infographic from  I thought I’d share.  Enjoy


Venue Review :: Regal Cinemas in Hamburg

The second law of Thermodynmaics states that things go from good to bad.  They go from order to disorder.  We’ve all seen it.  How long before your once shiny new car is now a frustrating P.O.S.?  Ever want to throw your incredibly slow, virus ridden 6 month old computer off the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater?  And when you live in a place long enough, you are around to see the bright shiny new establishments come and eventually go.

For me, I can mark that in movie theaters.  Does anyone remember when the theaters at Lexington Green were the hot new theaters in town?  It was cushy and plush- a great date spot.  Then came Woodhill- the first Stadium Seating in Lexington.  Remember how much of a big deal that was?  It boasted an incredible 10 theaters.  And a few years later came the first mega-plex.  It was situated right in the middle of the swanky new part of town- a place we call Hamburg. It was Regal Cinemas.  16 screens.  Video menu boards at the concessions.  And the highest ticket price in town- but we didn’t care- it was that nice.

Of course, since then, we now have the Brannon Crossing theaters and new ones at Fayette Mall.  But Regal, for me, always seemed to maintain a sort of, well, Regal quality.  While not at new, still a very respectable theater and a great date spot.  That was until this week, when I chose that theater to take Penny to see the A-Team.  I’m sorry to say that I must now declare Regal in Hamburg to have gone the way of Lexington Green and Woodhill.  And there’s one thing that has made it that way in my mind- the seats.

There’s a big problem when the seats are so uncomfortable that it takes away from the enjoyment of the movie.  Honestly, it makes me never want to go back again.  It just wasn’t comfortable.   Honestly, everything else seems to still be great about the theater.  Its just the seats.  So to whoever is in charge of Regal in Hamburg- I have 3 suggestions to making your theater worth going to again.

1) Install seats that both recline and have the arm come up and down.  I remember there being a big to-do when they came to town about whether they would have seats that reclined or seats where the arm rests go up and down.  That was actually the choice they had to make.  Fortunately, newer theaters don’t have to make that choice.  Unfortunately for Regal, we have been spoiled by the seats that do both and now what they have at Regal is simply unacceptable.  For comfort and for that special date when you want to get a little closer to your girl…you want both.

2) Put pads over the screws and the underpart of the armrests.  Basically, in doing so, you’re allowing for people on a date to cuddle close together and not have a set of screws sticking in their sides.  Really, how distracting to a movie is it when you have 4 screws pressing into your right butt cheek?

3) Get seats with enough room to put your feet on the armrests in front of you.  I know that you probably hate it when people put their feet up, but relax, we’re going to do it anyway.  Its just more comfortable.  So make it so that we aren’t destroying the whole chair and accomodate for it.  The craziness you have right now is part of what’s making you lose my business.

I firmly believe that Regal can become a Great Date Spot once again and not die- but in order to do so, changes should be made.

8 Things I “Know” About Lost

So here we go,  8 Things that I Know About Lost- these are things they told us in the series that we can deduce are true and just have been a theory:

1) Jacob lived on the island for around 2000 years, give or take a couple of centuries.

His pregnant mother washed up on the island speaking Latin.  Which places them around the time of Rome, which was 330 BC to 330 AD.

2) The Man in Black/Smoke Monster was NOT Jacob’s brother.

Jacob killed his brother and sent his brother’s body into the cave.  The smoke monster emerged and took the form of the dead brother.  We know from John Locke that the smoke monster, when he takes the form of some one, carries their memories and knowledge.  But when we see Jacob talking to the Man in Black at the beginning of the Season 5 Finale, that is no more Jacob’s brother than Smoke Monster/John Locke was really John Locke.

3) The Island is much older than Jacob

By looking the ruins and the architecture, we know that the island dates at least to ancient Egypt.  The temple, the Statue of Tawaret, and the heiroglyphs all over the place are all Egyptian.

4) Jack died from the knife wound

Jack didn’t die from being exposed to all this electromagnetism or being down in that well- he died from the knife wound given to him by John Locke.  That knife went straight into this kidneys and liver and that’s what he was stumbling from and eventually fell over from.  I’m not sure why he thought he was sacrificing himself.  But remember, he reappeared out of the cave fully alive, although still injured from the knife wound.

5) Nothing would have happened to Jacob or his Brother if they went into the light cave.

We saw from when Jack and Desmond were in the cave that it was simply a cave.  What Mother was trying to prevent was them “uncorking” the evil.

6) It was always Hurley who was going to end up the protector of the island.

It was Hurley that could see and talk to dead people.  It was Hurley that Jacob appeared too, even way back in season 3 or 4.  It was Hurley who was associated with the numbers of the island, Jack just did what he had to do to save the island.  And Hurley was certainly the innocent one.  It was always Hurley.

7) This island and Mythology is not based on anything we have in our histories- it’s entirely new.

I’d really love for people to stop talking about the MIB being named Esau or the island being purgatory or light being heaven or the smoke monster being Cerebrus.  The creators of Lost were not trying to take some ancient Earth mythology and put a new twist on it (though don’t we love it when storytellers do that).  They simply created their own thing.  This is why they were in a Universalist church.  We see the window behind jack with the symbols of all the world’s big faiths.  Christian just describes it as “moving on”, not going to heaven or whatever.

8) The Others really were the good guys

All throughout the series, anytime someone would ask the Others who they were, they would always respond with, “We’re the good guys.”  Now, they have been rude, curt, and used strange tactics, AND been led by a maniacal leader in Ben Linus, but they were the good guys.  They were teamed up with Jacob, who was good.  Jacob’s job was to protect the island.  The Others were ok with the Dharma Initiative and the Oceanic 815 survivors being on the island- until they started to hurt the island or get too close.  But it all came from a sense of protecting the island- doing what Jacob wanted.

Now, I still have theories and questions, like everyone else- like-Theory :: the others are the descendants of the people who crashed with Jacob and MIB’s mom.  Question :: but how did they come under Jacob’s leadership?  But these 8 things I’m fairly certain are true.

Lost Explained…for real

SPOILER WARNING :: This is your warning.  I will hold nothing back in this post.  If you haven’t seen the finale yet and want to keep it secret- then don’t read this till after you’ve seen it.  If you don’t care or have seen it- but you’re still questioning some stuff, here is the answer…for real

For the record :: I loved the ending of Lost.  It left me a little confused, but when I stopped and thought about it, it made a shi*-ton of sense.  I’m pretty sure I know what the writers were trying to say and the answers they were trying to give us.  Go back and watch it and see if I’m not right- but I really think I am, ok- here we go…

First, Carlton and Damon (Lost’s producers) told us weeks ago that not every question would be answered.  They weren’t trying to answer all of our questions.  Matthew Fox (Jack Sheppard) said in an interview weeks ago that a lot of people were going to be pissed because the show wouldn’t end they way they thought it should or answer the questions they thought it should answer.  But never-the-less, there would be answers given.   I guess what remains then is what questions are important enough to answer, which ones do they let go?

Here’s a clue…

Second, just before the finale aired, Team Darlton gave us a two-hour series recap complete with cast interviews where they kept pounding us with the idea of this show was always about the people, it was never about the island.  It was about the people.  The people are what the show is about.  It’s the people…the show- about the people…get it!  And at the end, just before the finale started, they said that they were pleased with what they wrote and the messages that they wanted to get across are what people will take away from the show.

OK, so we know from those two things that we really won’t get answers about the island, but we will get answers about the people.  And there’s a message in the midst of all that.  But what was it? Before I get there, let me say…

I think that we have to be ok with some big questions NOT being answered, namely that the show was not about the island, so they probably aren’t going to answer a ton about the the island, but instead, the answers would focus on what happened to the characters.  And it was all wrapped up for us in the last few minutes of the finale with Christian Sheppard talking to Jack.

And here is what I believe the show’s producers were telling us happened :: the island was real.  What happened to the people on the island, was real.   They didn’t die in the plane crash and all go to purgatory.  It wasn’t a parallel universe or time line, even the Flash Sideways were NOT that.  It was real.  Jacob was real, the smoke monster was real.  All of it.

Jack became the new protector just long enough to kill the smoke monster.  That happened by Desmond literally pulling the plug and letting the light go out.  We don’t know what the smoke monster and the light really had to do with each other, and it doesn’t matter, cause the show wasn’t about that.  Then Jack put the plug back in, left the cave, and died.

Hurley became the new protector and Ben was his assistant- and that lasted for however long it lasted- presumably thousands of years and they passed it off to someone else eventually (we know that Jacob was the protector for only about 2000 years, yet the island was much older than Jacob, so it makes sense that the island goes on and Hurley and Ben could’ve been on that island for quite a while doing who knows what).  But eventually they die too.

Sawyer, Kate, Claire, Lippidus, Miles, and Richard Alpert all got off the island, and probably made it back to society, lived out the rest of their natural lives, and then died.   Three year old Aaron was still living with Claire’s mom, presumably grew up, had a life, and eventually died.  Hopefully Claire got back to Aaron and he wasn’t too messed up from calling Kate “Mommy” and then having to switch it over to Claire. Imagine Christmas at their house.

Jin, Sun, Sayid, Charlie, Boone, and Shannon all really died on or around the island.  Rose and Bernard lived out the rest of their days on the island and died there too (at least as far as we know).

I would assume Desmond got off the island by taking his boat, though we don’t know.  But we do know that he too eventually died

The point is it all really happened…and maybe they didn’t die on the island, but they all eventually died, as Christian said, “some before [Jack] died, some long after.”  He also said that time was irrelevant.  But for each of them, the time on the island and being with each other was the most important thing that ever happened in each of their lives.  So when they did die- they collectively created this Sideways timeline that was just a way for them to all get back together.

So, if I’m understanding it right, the Flash Sideways was NOT reality at all, but a spiritual realm where they all found their way back to each other.  Desmond, being the constant, was the first understand this, and made it his mission to show everyone that.  And as they did, they understood they were dead- not from the plane crash, just from when they died.  Which is why in the Flash Sideways- Christian wasn’t in the casket- because he, like everyone else, was already dead, and he was part of the island experience like everyone else.  And because they were so important to each other- they got to spend eternity together.

And THAT is the message Damon and Carlton were trying to send :: Lost is not about the island, it’s about the people- who are each lost in their own regard.  And they found something, they found each other.  And when it was all said and done, when they were all dead, when time didn’t matter any more, they would get to spend eternity together.

It wasn’t about the island- so they didn’t answer those questions.  It was all real- the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative, all of it- except for the flash sideways- which was their collective consciousness creating a reality whereby they would all intersect and come back together so that they could all “move on” together.

There you have it- Lost explained.  Hopefully that answers your questions about why it ended the way it did.  I think I’m right about all this.

So.. exactly what was the island and where did it come from…still have questions…don’t expect them to be answered anytime soon.  The show’s producers are going into hiding for the next bunch of months and aren’t answering anything…because they want the show to end like Lost always has- being about the people and not the island.  But I hear tale that there will be real answers on the DVD release of Season 6 coming in August.

Thoughts :: Am I right?  Am I completely wrong?  What do you think?