10 Things I’ve Learned About Marriage- Parts One and Two

Here’s a great blog by Perry Noble of Newspring Church in South Carolina as he approached 10 years of marriage.  In my 3 month old marriage- I find this to be of incredible insight and value.  Its amazing how easy it is to get off track with some of these and just how intentional you have to be to keep these things happening.  But what I’ve also seen is that the more intentional you are, the easier it is to do.  Be sure to check out his blog regularly at http://www.perrynoble.com

For the full Blog, check out Part One at  http://bit.ly/dowWIh and Part Two at  http://bit.ly/brC9SF  ::

#1 – Never “Talk Yourself Into Marrying A Person!”  You had better KNOW!

#2 – Marriage Is Not About What You Can Get…It’s About What You Can Give!

#3 – To Expect Another Person To Meet All Of Your Needs Is Incredibly Selfish!

#4 – Have Fun Together!

#5 – “Quality Time” Does Not Mean “Let’s Have A Conversation During The Commercials!”

#6 – The Purpose Of Conflict Is To SETTLE The Argument…Not Win It!

#7 – Don’t Ever Go To Bed Mad At One Another!

#8 – You Cannot Hold Your Spouse Accountable For Unspoken, Unrealistic Expectations!

#9 – Intimacy Is Not Limited To A Sexual Experience!

#10 – It Takes Work To Make It Work!


Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating

Yeah, try saying that 10x fast while drinking a glass of water.  But either way, if your looking for some great tips on how to date well, how to start off right, some good, Dating 101 stuff- then check out this great service from Quest Community Church’s current series on relationships.  How often do you get a church tackling the topic of dating?  No worries that its a church, even if you aren’t a “church person” there’s some great stuff here.  Plus you’ll get treated to a little Kati Perry and Needtobreathe.


And if you want a short summary, run down by Assistant Pastor Justin McCarty, check out his guest blog at http://www.petehise.com/that-just-happened-rating-your-dating-while-waiting-for-mating/.

Avatar on Blu Ray Review

Ok, so I first saw this movie in the theater. It’s one of those movies that you just should’ve seen. If you didn’t, and its still in a theater where you live- go see it! It’s a visual spectacle that you really want to behold. And the movie was made that way on purpose. That said, I still hold that a movie is primarily about storytelling. And regardless, the form an art takes shouldn’t overpower the art itself.

In my first review of the movie, I lashed out that director James Cameron sacrificed too much story for the sake of the form of the art. That he put the form of his art (the dazzling visual effects, the wide variety of filming techniques, and crystal clear clarity of picture) over the art of storytelling (character development, moving plot lines, and an emotional investment in the outcome of the story).

Upon a second viewing, this time from the comfort of my living with people I love a lot AND on my spiffy new Blu Ray player, I think I have to retract the former arguments. This is still a visually captivating movie, with characters that you can feel for and relate to. I think I even saw a tear or two from one of the people I was watching with. I found myself getting lost in the sweeping scenic shots and wasn’t taken aback by their length- it felt just right.

I would highly recommend, if at all possible, watch this movie on Blu Ray on a tv capable of showing the incredible high definition. It’s absolutely worth it.

There were still some drawn out portions, 2 climaxes too many, and a storyline that was quite predictable. It truly is a story we have seen before. Mankind is the bad guy in a war against nature. Its our greed and desire for conquest that dooms us. But there is hope if we can just connect to nature. A friend of mine commented that it was like a hi-tech version of Ferngully. I thought more of Pocahontas. Lest we forget, this was even the baseline of the Lord of te Rongs story.

Then there’s the familiar storyline of a romantic comedy- yeah, a romantic comedy. You know, mismatched guy and girl get together, but the guy is there for the wrong reasons. However, over the course of the movie, he really falls in love with her, and just as that happens, she finds out he’s been lying the entire time, and he has to do something huge to win her back. I wont even begin a list of movies where we’ve seen this motif- the difference here is that there was no comedy. But I guess there’s something to be said for these storylines. We must really like them because they keep making movies and writing stories about them.

All in all, I really liked it the second go ’round. Definitely something to see. And see it on Blu Ray. And use the bathroom first- it’s long.

Improv Comedy Club

It’s not a secret that I love comedy clubs. I love stand up comedy. Anytime you can get together with someone and just go laugh is always a good time. So I’m always looking for places to go do that.

Last week, I tried the Improv Comedy Club at 4th Street Live in Louisville. I gotta admit- it’s a really nice club. The seating is somewhat comfortable. It’s multileveled. It’s not cramped. They also serve food as well as drinks. And the tickets are very reasonably priced.

However, what I simply cannot forgive is the unfathomable price for drinks. We didn’t get any food there, so I can’t comment on its quality or price, but drinks, while good drinks, were outrageously expensive. In the end, 3 drinks and a bottle of water cost us $45. Service was sketchy at best, yet you don’t go to a comedy club to get great service.

Outside of that, it’s a great place that I’ definitely recommend. Just don’t get the alcohol unless you’re prepared to drop a bill.

Kate’s True Love


So I’ve been rewatching the first 5 seasons of Lost recently- and I’ve come to a glaring conclusion: Kate never really had a thing for Jack. It was always for Sawyer.

It seems to me that she respected Jack, she liked him, maybe even became his greatest follower, but never really was she into him. But Sawyer on the other hand- it was an instant connection. Plus there’s the whole liking the bad boy thing that her mother had going on.

However, I gotta say, even though I loved the whole Sawyer/Juliet thing, I do think that it was always Kate and Sawyer.  Jack never had chance.