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5 Things to Remember when saying “I Love You” for the First Time

Several months ago, a good friend of mine came to me and said, “Mulberry, I think I love her.  But I’m not ready to tell her.”  Then, last week, he looked at me and said, “Alright, Mulberry, I’m ready.”  I looked at him with a raised eyebrow, and in full dude-fashion, punched him in the arm, and said, “It’s about dang time!”

Saying “I Love You” for the first time is really a big deal.  There’s a reason that we are cautious of saying it for its time.  You don’t want to say it too early, otherwise you could freak the other person out.  On the TV Show “The Big Bang Theory,” Leonard and Penny wound up breaking up because one of them said it a bit too early for the other’s taste.

So for anyone out there who’s dating and is feeling like its getting close to time to saying those 3 magic words, I have some advice….Click here to read the full article


Weekly Featured Date :: Go a’ Pumpkin-ing!

I know its a bit early for my Weekly Featured Date this week, but I thought this was such a great idea, and because it’s somewhat time sensative, I wanted to go ahead and get it out there.  Plus any DateNight that lets you get back to being a kid again automatically ups its awesome quotient.

Last night, I was sitting on my bed watching a little bit of TV while Penny was upstairs doing something when a text came across my phone from some good friends of ours.  It read, “Happy Date Night! You’ve just been pumpkined.  Love ya!”  Now I’m not sure if they were on their DateNight or thought Penny and I were on ours…it doesn’t really matter.  Curious, I trekked upstairs to see if Penny has heard or noticed anything.  Then I opened my front door and there sat a freshly carved Jack o’Lantern. It was so fun.

Immediately I could picture my friends at home, spending their DateNight carving out a bunch of pumpkins.  Which is really a great DateNight activity in and of itself.  But then, to add some creativity and fun to the activity, they get in their car, drive around to their friend’s houses and sneak up on to the front porch, set the pumpkin down, light the candle, and sneak off without the friends or the friends’ dogs being alerted to their presence.  It sounds like so much fun…plus you spread the love to your peeps.

So in this semi-holiday season- regardless of when your DateNight is- give it a try- go buy some pumpkins, carve them out with your boo…then go drop them on friend’s doorsteps without being noticed.  Want an added bonus- do it to complete strangers, and play the game of Ring and Run.  I promise- no one will really get mad.  Go for it!